I am Synthbiont. I am Joan.

I am a biotech student. I write about music, movies and videogames.

I just started a ceramics course so I will also be uploading stuff I make during the classes.

The name of the blog comes from the combination of synth and biont:

Synth represents the idea that things that new we can hear, see, sense and measure can be emulated using electronic devices and our knowledge in preexisting elements. However, it is not only emulation. Creation of objects with new functions or aesthetics it also possible. Thus, it is a mix of Emmulate, Combine and Create.

Biont comes from symbiosis, a relationship between two organisms of different biological species that live together and interact with each other. Here it means the continuous interaction between people and synthetic elements. It can be any kind of relationship, with benefical or harmful consequences for each one of the players. Now it is only a one-side interaction. Maybe the future will change that.

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