Ceramics - 1st Semester 2016

Last semester I took my first course in ceramics. I don’t have a lot of experience in plastic arts (or any type of art). I was trying to find something that I would enjoy to do and I found last year that my university offered a cheap course in ceramics and pottery. I couldn’t enroll last September because the course has a very high demand: the enrolment started some day that month at 1:00 pm and 2 minutes later the course was full. Luckily, in January of this year I could enroll.

I went to the workshop once per week for 2 hours. It was after my lectures and it worked as a way to put my mind away from projects, assignments and exams. Each week our teacher showed us a new technique but it was our decision if we wanted to use it or not. We had a lot of freedom, even in the type and amount of materials we wanted to use. We covered techniques such as coiling, slipcasting and slab building.

It usually took 4 weeks to obtain a final product from scratch: in the first week we shaped the clay or used one of the available molds. The next week we made the piece smooth, added additional details and put it in the kiln. In the third week, we got the bisque and we glazed it. After this, we would fire it again and in the fourth week we would have our pieces.

These are some of the things I made. Although I liked all techniques, slipcasting was my favorite. All the pieces below were made using this technique.

A vase. I chose this glazing because it reminds me of Delft ceramics. I am waiting for the tulip season to put one on it. The photo on the left is the vase before glaze firing.
Maybe my favorite piece.
I am using this to put my keys on it. I was hoping the brown glaze would be more intense, like in the borders.
The glazing on this one was a disaster. However, I liked the idea of this being the rough and big brother of the white and orange hexagon.

I also had some bisques that need glazing. My plan was to finish them this semester. However, I couldn’t enroll the course to I will have to wait until next year.